Feat: Denise Dicks


Originally from California, Denise Dicks is currently living in Portland, OR after living in various
states on the East Coast and in China. After studying poetry for many years, she began working with
film photography to see how the intersection of the two could make the written word more dynamic
and visceral. She is interested in exploring how memory binds us and shapes the way we inhabit our
interior and exterior spaces.

"I'll be doing kallitypes, which are processed under natural light. (My hope is to take photos of visitors and staff.) I will use normal developing chemicals and will just need access to running water and a bit of space for the three trays to develop the prints. It's similar to the process the amazing Emily used during her residency. " • Denise


The Suttle Lodge's "Cabin 8" Artist-in-Residence program is a scrappy, warm-hearted offering to artists of all disciplines to spend 2 weeks on a lake in the woods so they may practice and produce the art of their choice. The artists' stay culinates with their Cabin 8 Show- a presentation of work (past, present, or future) and an opportunity to share and connect with our Central Oregon community. These casual events mostly occur bi-weekly, and are free and open to the all-ages public. The Skip bar is open for all your food and beverage needs.

Free and open to the all ages public.