Feat: Megan Diana

Show: 6pm-8pm

Songwriting driven by vintage keyboards, Megan Diana loves a Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes • especially when put thru an echo pedal. She layers her lush voice in choral layers • going atmospheric at times and then all at once back to the center of her chest in a whisper. Her record allows her to bring in her French Horn in equal parts Canadian Brass and Chet Baker (if he played the F Horn). Some songs lean towards Dark Americana Noir, others clearly constructed pop-  with a full band (and new her pedal steel player) things start to turn

Western Flavor Florence Welch and have given life to her new genre • 



The Suttle Lodge's "Cabin 8" Artist-in-Residence program is a scrappy, warm-hearted offering to artists of all disciplines to spend 2 weeks on a lake in the woods so they may practice and produce the art of their choice. The artists' stay culinates with their Cabin 8 Show- a presentation of work (past, present, or future) and an opportunity to share and connect with our Central Oregon community. These casual events mostly occur bi-weekly, and are free and open to the all-ages public. The Skip bar is open for all your food and beverage needs.

Free and open to the all ages public.