Feat: Michael White

Sunday March 1st 2020

Michael White is a Eugene-based artist whose recent work focuses on lost memories and our
connection with the past. In his latest series, Remnants, White investigates the complex and
often lingering relationship between trauma and grief through the use of found photography and
recycled vintage textiles. His work draws inspiration from the colorful and nostalgic geometric
patterns used by American quilters of the 19th and 20th century. He utilizes a mixed-media
methodology including a wide variety of materials such as: found photos, vintage fabrics,
embroidery thread and packing plastics.

His pieces have been shown in various contemporary galleries down the west coast such as
Disjecta (Portland), Blackfish (Portland), The Hoffman Gallery (Portland), Arc Gallery (San
Francisco) and The Red Museum (Sacramento). He was featured as the cover artist of 2017’s
“Etymology of a Dream: Art, Writing & Beyond” and can be found in published independent
magazines such as “Unvarnished Magazine: Liberation, Volume 2.” White graduated from the
Oregon College of Art & Craft in 2011 with a BFA in Craft and in addition to his studio practice
currently works as an assistant preparator at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.


The Suttle Lodge's "Cabin 8" Artist-in-Residence program is a scrappy, warm-hearted offering to artists of all disciplines to spend 2 weeks on a lake in the woods so they may practice and produce the art of their choice. The artists' stay culinates with their Cabin 8 Show- a presentation of work (past, present, or future) and an opportunity to share and connect with our Central Oregon community. These casual events mostly occur bi-weekly, and are free and open to the all-ages public. The Skip bar is open for all your food and beverage needs.

Free and open to the all ages public.