Fireside Show: Lorena Leigh

Doors, 5pm. Show: 6-8pm

Fireside show with Lorena Leigh: Cowgirl-Mermaid music bred out of Texas and NYC for the sunshine soul and adventurous spirit.

"Summer might be well and truly over, but incoming is a blast of saccharine pop from vivacious New York-hailed newcomer Lorena Leigh. In “Girls Like Me,” Leigh’s honey vocals trickle over the twinkling composition, with the empowering lyrics bolstering the summer-mood track. And the tongue-in-cheek music video turns up the fun to 100, turning the singer into an intergalactic mermaid of sorts, with neon graphics of giant saddled jellyfish. You heard us right.

“I’m inspired by the ocean and more recently space so I thought I’d just combine all concepts for my music video. I grew up on country, love riding horses and also love swimming in the ocean… so the ultimate dream for me would obviously be to ride a larger than life jellyfish through the sea.

The main thought behind the lyrics of ‘Girls Like Me’ is pushing through to make your own dreams happen. Overcoming obstacles while being true to yourself despite past challenges or mistakes and in the moment when most would give up, being the ones to push through. It’s important to me to hang around other inspired and motivated people, other authentic and brave ‘Girls Like Me’, to keep myself inspired, motivated and able to hold tight to the belief, the dream, the goal, whatever it is – to make badass things happen in my life and share in that ridiculous fun and badassery with others.”

-- Wonderland Magazine


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