Boss Rambler + Noraneko/Giraffe Goods

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

BOSS RAMBLER BEER CLUB- Boss Rambler Beer Club is focused on progression and drifting from the norm. Drawing inspiration from our adventures and the good times had along the way, we veer toward the tropical side of things: juicy, hazy IPA's and clean, cold lagers. With an unwavering commitment to quality, our aim is to push boundaries and make each beer memorable. We believe a good, cold beer stokes every occasion, no matter the time or place. So whether you're camping at the lake or on the patio of our Beer Club, we're stoked to share our beer with you and look forward to making memories together!


NORANEKO/GIRAFFE GOODS- Gabe Rosen has liked restaurants since he was a kid. In sharp contrast to the uncertainty, disappointment and terror of childhood, he recognized early on that restaurants were a gateway into the world of adults. A world that he couldn't wait to join.

It took a little while, but eventually Gabe dropped out of college at the University of Iowa to take a job washing dishes at one of the few chic restaurants in Iowa City. The restaurant catered to the Writers Workshop scene and the owner was larger than life, the cooks were badass and the waiters were cool grad students from all over the country. Love at first sight <3

Gabe kept running further away from childhood and crappy Midwest winters and moved to Portland, Oregon in 1997 to go to cooking school and strike out on his own. His best friend Donnie moved out with him and a couple years later he met his wife and new best friend, Kina (at a restaurant!)

After about five years of practical cooking experience in restaurants, Gabe went back to school in Portland, at Portland State University, initially to study Linguistics. He was instantly captivated by the Japanese Language program, and then by the other Japan specialists at PSU, and he got sucked down a rabbit hole that along the way had him conversationally fluent in Japanese, meeting Japanese princesses, working as a government scholar at Hokkaido University, cooking American Thanksgiving dinner for the entire international cohort, and learning as much as he possibly could about all aspects of food in Japan.

Moving back to Portland in 2005, Gabe took a job as a butcher at a small specialty shop owned by two guys who would go on to form large restaurant groups and run by a woman that can cook like you can’t believe. After working in the shop for a couple of years and learning more about the business side of cooking, in 2007 Gabe and Kina opened an Izakaya (Japanese style tavern) called Biwa in Southeast Portland.

Opening Biwa was a real learning experience. It was a critical success and personal proving ground, and it became the nexus of an amazing community of people – guests, staff, media, suppliers, and more.

Shortly after Biwa opened, Ramen exploded in popularity in Portland and then later in the US generally. In 2015 Gabe and Kina opened a new shop, Noraneko, dedicated to Ramen, Karaage, Gyoza and other Japanese-Chinese food, bad cats, home-style Japanese food, and eventually Mexican-Japanese fusion and sandwiches.

In the subsequent years, Noraneko has evolved into a pretty special little restaurant… 

For a variety of reasons, Gabe and Kina closed Biwa in the Summer of 2018.

Later in 2018 Gabe teamed up with the original Biwa manager, Kana (not Kina), to open Giraffe, a Japanese Deli and Convenience Store with an exciting focus on catering and food for workplaces. Giraffe continues Gabe’s ongoing love affair with grocery stores and a real interest in finding new ways to get high quality affordable food to folks in ways that are compatible with modern diets and lifestyles.

In addition to his work in The Biz, Gabe is variously involved in Japanese Studies related matters at Portland State University and Hokkaido University, and while he definitely likes ramen enough that he eats it out at different spots for lunch sometimes, he really prefers to cook at home with Kina and their four cats.

$25 GUEST CHEF dinner available at the Beer Garden, first come first served. No reservations accepted.
Complimentary beer tasting and guest beers available by the pint.