Guest Brewery + CHEF Cookout
Wayfinder Beer + Hell Chicken

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lee Desrosiers started making HELL CHICKEN at Achilles Heel, a former fisherman’s bar in Greenpoint,
Brooklyn. The turn-of-the century tavern originally lacked a proper kitchen, was lit primary by
candles, but had enormous potential. Under Lee, a nimble but sophisticated menu was built and
the empty lot adjacentto the building was transformed into barbecue pits for Sunday-night
chicken dinners, appropriately called HELL CHICKEN due to the open-fire cooking technique. A
year later under Lee’s direction,the New York Times gave Achilles Heel a star and described the
menu as “thoughtful, engaging, subtle and intimate.” After 3 years in Greenpoint, Lee took this
project on the road: bringing food prepared simply over fire, all over the United States.

$25 GUEST CHEF dinner available at the Beer Garden, first come first served. No reservations accepted.
Complimentary beer tasting and guest beers available by the pint.