Fireside Show
Feat: Ryan Sollee with Autopilot is for Lovers

Ryan Sollee, frontman of The Builders and the Butchers, performs a live show with friends at The Suttle Lodge

Ryan Sollee moved to Portland Or in 2003 from Anchorage Alaska, with his punk band The Born Losers, and through the ashes of that band and several others that friends were in, formed The Builders and the Butchers.  The Builders gained a steady and dedicated fan base in Portland winning The Willamette Weeks best new band in 2008.  The Builders have toured internationally and put out 6 full length albums to date.  Sollee also formed a side band Albatross, and plays solo quite often all around the pacfic northwest.

Autopilot is for Lovers is the project of Adrienne Hatkin Seely, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been performing in Portland, OR since 2002. Autopilot is for Lovers released their debut LP, To the Wolves, on Bladen County Records in 2009. “Adrienne Hatkin, of Autopilot is for Lovers, has a voice that will stop you in your tracks.”(Willamette Week). She and husband Paul Seely have been members and guest players of Portland favorites The Builders and the Butchers, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Run On Sentence and Federale. “Hatkin embraces eccentricities and looks to capture a sense of magical realism in her music.”(NPR).


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