Fireside Show
Feat: Credit Electric with Afterlife Revival

From a young age songwriter of Credit Electric Ryan LoPilato wrote songs to "sing out the lightness of the things in life we find dark." His first solo moniker Haunted Houses was summoned through surrealist automatism, creating a sound focused around raw and improvised one take recordings of guitar, keyboard and voice the Fader describes as a "visceral connection similar to a David Lynch film, where you aren't entirely sure what's going on but still emotionally connect with the characters."

 This emotively charged process of writing led to an outpouring of material he wanted to take to full band arrangements. So from his youth with substance abuse tinged depression in New Jersey, LoPilato moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to start a new project. 

In Oakland, CA he met guitarist Cameron Iturri-Carpenter with whom began to write and collaborate, finding musician and sound engineer Stephen Boyd, Kansas City musician Nathan Smith and pedal steel player Evan Hiller to form the bands unique sound. 

It's with these members that the emotive presence of LoPilato's life's work is alive in a space of live performance and recording, beckoning hearts of artists such as Gram Parsons and Jason Molina.

In 2018 the band has released 3 EPs, Their "Demo," "Pitch Pine Palace," and "Red Glow." "I try to write every day," says LoPilato, "the (writing) process for me has always been a meditation, a place to find harmony within the suffering beauty of life. It's something I would be doing with or without an audience. I thankfully found a group of players that perform the hell out of the music and help the practice evolve into thought-out full band arrangements."

With  frequent live performances, Credit Electric has been supporting an eclectic variety of touring artists such as US Girls, Japanese Breakfast and The Deep Dark Woods. The band recorded their debut LP with producer Thom Monahan in San Francisco at Tiny Telephone and at Golden Void in Los Angeles. The record also features collaboration from Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats) on piano, wurlitzer and organ which is to be forthcoming in 2019. 


Afterlife Revival is a Portland-based music, conceptual art and social practice project led by Evan B. Harris. Evan’s visual art and music is a sincere sharing of story, his music is reminiscent of yesteryears folk, country and honky tonk. 

Louise Woodward joins Evan on violin & viola. From Melbourne Australia and a new Portland resident, Louise is a well established performer and composer. 

Together, their harmonies, guitar & fiddle create a soundscape that carries songs of sentiment and joy. 


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