The Suttle Lodge's "Cabin 8" Artist-in-Residence program is a scrappy, warm-hearted offering to artists of all disciplines to spend 2 weeks on a lake in the woods so they may practice and produce the art of their choice. The artists' stay culinates with our Sunday Show- a presentation of work (past, present, or future) and an opportunity to share and connect with our Central Oregon community. These casual events mostly occur bi-weekly, and are free and open to the all-ages public. The Skip bar is open for all your food and beverage needs.


Lindsay Martin questions place through memory, experience, and possibility. She beckons her paintings to show different investigations of the relationship between interior and exterior spaces, while creating ‘nests’ and ‘portals’ of material that may belong to that particular space. Lindsay investigates abstraction within the landscape and how pattern, gap, fissures, and thwarted spaces can invite the viewer to interpret. Poetry and prose, American novels, National parks, vintage fashion/textiles and childhood experience all get tangled inside one another, as memories overlap and evolve into new beings with each image. As she moves forward with her work, she enjoys reincarnating her paintings into new life forms, investigating themes such as absurdity, illusion, and the process of returning. Color and textiles are also implemented as personalities and textures in a painting to respond to other senses of the space and experience.

Lindsay was born in Akron, Ohio and received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Creative Writing at Denison University, Granville, Ohio. She has exhibited locally around Columbus, Newark and Granville, Ohio, including an exhibition at the historic Bryn Du Mansion and Canton Museum of Art. Writing is much of a part of her practice as painting, and her writing has been published in Exile, Ohio Poetry, and University of Akron’s Rubbertop Review. After college, Lindsay worked for museums and colleges such as Akron Art Museum and Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens in arts administration. Currently, Lindsay Martin is a candidate for her MFA in Craft at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon and has exhibited work at the Hoffman Gallery and the Troy Laundry Building. At OCAC, she teaches highschool painting workshops and costarted the school’s literary publication, Julia.jean. Along with traveling around North America and living in her camper, her hometown is often the inspiration of many paintings.